Friday, November 30, 2007

Crafting with L.

Sounds like some crafting show title.

Today I was in a major crafting mood. I'm not talking my usual-instant-gratification-projects. I'm talking I wanted to make something that I've never done before. Sewing a clothing item for myself. I've made my girls a few items in the past and I have to say that I love sewing clothes. While I still have ALOT to learn, I do however manage to learn something new with every project I make (for instance, pay close attention to the little diagram that every pattern comes with on which way to lay the fabric BEFORE cutting. And James wonders why sometimes I buy more than the recommended amount of fabric. Originally these pants here were suppose to be purple cotton with darker purple hearts on them. I didn't pay attention to the diagram and cut the fabric out wrong. L. would've apparently had 2 left legs.) My project is not complete yet but while I was busy cranking away at my new clothing item, L. was making a project herself.

There is a box in my craft room that is filled with scraps of fabric, ribbon, trims, paper, and other sorts of things. It's my girls box and they are more than welcome to it anytime they want. They love getting in there and pulling out bits of fabric and creating something each time. That, or they love to just sit there and cut fabric into itty bitty tiny pieces. I tell ya, good thing New Year is almost here because we have our confetti all set to go.

L. was busy cutting away, and playing with my fabric markers. I kept watching her wondering what she was creating. Pretty soon she came to me and asked if she could have some ribbon from my ribbon basket. We picked out some ribbon together and she was back to work. Busy! Busy! Busy! After a bit she brought me what she had made and asked me if I could sue (yes sue, that's how she pronounces sew. Gosh I wish she would stay 3 forever!) the ribbon to her creation. I asked her to explain to me what she had made. "A kite Mama! See, isn't it pretty!" She crawled up on my lap and helped me stitch the tail to her kite. So sweet!

L. made kites

The fabric is scrap fabric from pj pants I made for K. L. cut the fabric herself, added more "flowers" and then helped me stitch on the ribbon. Now, being that today was not a "perfect kite flying day" we had to bring out our fan and her and I stood there flying kites in front of a fan. Hey, whatever works right?


ali said...

So cute! My kids have done that with my fabric scraps too! And with paper scraps, especially fancy 'wrapping paper' scraps!
Kids are so much fun to have around!

Angie said...

Thank you ali! I never "tell" my girls what to make. I like seeing what they can come up with.