Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My sewing adventure

I love sewing! It's much quicker than knitting or crocheting and I can usually crank a project out in an evening. Lately, though, I've been in the mood to sew clothing. Only this time not for my girls but for myself. I've never done this before and while I still have much to learn, I feel as though it's a good experience. So, this past weekend was my sewing weekend. Started out Friday afternoon when I decided to make myself a top using Simplicity Pattern #4589 that I had purchased a while ago.

Simplicity 4589

While I'm in love with this pattern and more than thrilled with how it came out (considering it was my first time), I absolutely HATE fusible interfacing for garment making. I had the worst time trying to get the collar to come together correctly. It's fine now and just needs a good ironing. I will, however, make this pattern again now that I have some good knowledge under my belt. Also, I wasn't sure how to hem the sleeves (I usually just ignore directions and do my own thing) so I added some bias tape to the sleeves and the hem on the bottom. I actually like it like that. The fabric I picked up while out thrifting one day and I think that next time I use this pattern I will try it with a knit fabric.

Another sewing adventure that I'm going to be taking is dress making. While browsing Craftster.org one day, I fell completely in love with McCall's #5137 that a fellow Craftster had made. After showing James the dress, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Thinking of what type of fabric to use, if I could even make it, and other mind rambles. While we were at Walmart last night James told me to go over to the craft section and see if they had the pattern. Sure enough they did and I got the last one in my size!

McCall's 5137

I'm going to make it in View A (which is the lovely lady in front) and while I'm not sure what fabric I'm going to use yet (although I'm completely in love with the yellow on this little number), I'm thinking that it would make a lovely Spring/Summer dress. Which is good considering that this is not even Winter yet.

All in all, I think I found my new found passion of garment making. Not only for my girls (there at that cute age where I can make us all matching outfits *wink wink*) but as well as for myself. Plus, I have some really helpful books to help me along the way.


jill said...

Interfacing is OPTIONAL depsite what the directions say. I never use it in casual wear things for myself or the girls...I'm too lazy to use sew-in which has a much different (read: better) feel and hate fusible for most garments. While it is important to understand how to construct garments properly and what the function of each component is so you know when to use it if needed, the world won't end if you leave something out.

Angie said...

I was going to opt to leave it out but then was afraid that it would make the collar to flimsy. I did make another top using the same pattern (just haven't posted it yet) and left it out. WAY much easier. Thank you for the information too, it was (will be) really helpful in the future.