Thursday, August 2, 2007

In the Mail

In the Mail
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I had purchased these patterns from Simplicity last week and they just arrived today. The nice thing about Simplicity is that they have FREE SHIPPING if shipped inside the U.S. YAY! The first pattern is Simplicity 4589 and now I just have to figure out which top I want to make first for myself because they ALL look so darn cute.

The second pattern is Simplicity 9862 because L. wants to be Peter Pan for Halloween. Which (knowing her) it could change before I purchase the material (or even after I purchase the material). So hopefully if she does change her mind she will changed it to Captain Hook or Tinker Bell. I had purchased (via Wally World for $2.44) Simplicity 3860 for K. because she wants to be Wendy for Halloween and the dress is VERY similar to Wendy's. I'll just have to add some sleeves to it.

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