Thursday, August 2, 2007


Don't get me wrong, I know how to work a computer, upload pictures, send and receive emails, but when it comes to all this HTML and java script stuff I have NOT a clue what I'm doing. Well, I made some changes to my website over the past few days and one that I REALLY REALLY wanted to change was the header. I wanted a photo of something or rather up their. I finally got it!

I'm sure you bloggers know that you can just go and upload a photo when you edit your header but my pictures kept coming out really really BIG! It drove me insane. And being that I don't have photoshop or any real program to edit and resize my photos I had to use the standard program that came with my computer and (dare I say it) the Paint program. Which I was happy about because my Paint program has a Needlepoint font.

Well, I'm still not happy about the photo at the top but I will work on it. I'm just glad that I was finally able to figure out the right size for the top to not make it look so big or hideous.

Another change that I'll be making over the next couple of days is adding an Off Site Tutorial link to the side bar. I have found SO many tutorials that I feel as if I can no longer just keep for myself. Sure advanced crafters no where to go to find a new project that they want to do, but what about beginner crafters, or advanced crafters that are just now getting into this whole computer thing. I thought that it would be nice to share some really awesome tutorials. Some of you may have already seen these tutorials a time or two and some may have not. Either way though, I hope they will help when you get that crafting block (which is what I have right now-I'm waiting on Simplicity 4589 (scroll down just a bit) to arrive in my mailbox.)

Here are a few that I find to be of interest (I might not be able to get all this done until tomorrow because of house cleaning, 2 kids, and summertime). Some bandana pants via blueyonder, or maybe you'd like to try a Cherry Blossom Bag (which is on Flickr but I found the link via Craftster) via Sugar Cane Handbags (WOW, it's like one of those my sisters friends, cousins baby.) And Emma also has an Etsy shop if your interested which is filled with BEAUTIFUL coin purses and handbags. I especially LOVE this handbag here called Gerty. Ok, sorry, got distracted by purses........onto more tutorials. I LOVE this awesome little tutorial on making a pincushion from a beverage cap and a hair tie via My Little Mochi. Or - dare I say it - ZIPPERS! AAAWWWWWW, no no now, don't be freightened, it's ok because Splityarn, Twelve22 and CraftAndFabricLinks show you easy ways to do a zipper. While I haven't tried a zipper yet because I can't find my zipper foot. Yes, yes, I know, that's what I get for letting my kids get into my sewing stuff. So there ya go, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to add the new side bar of a bunch of off site AWESOME tutorials that I keep stumbling across.

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