Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pinafore for K.

The other day I was browsing through one of the groups on Flickr and came across this pinafore tutorial from fort & field. I have to say that it was the easiest and quickest tutorial. I got it done in no time flat. I'm going to make another one for L. as soon as I get more purple fabric (per the request of L.)

Here is the front of the pinafore. I still need to add some buttons and for some strange reason I decided to use purple thread when I stitched the casing for the sash. I'm going to find some ribbon to go over that. As far as the pocket, instead of adding ric rac I added the fabric that I used for the strap and half of the sash. Which brings me to my point of my new found love called "STITCH IN THE DITCH". All my other projects I have never done this before and maybe it's because they never called for it or maybe it's because I just never though of it. But OH am I in love with it.

And then the back. Which I absolutely love how the sash is 2 different fabrics, plus the cute openess of it.
K. asked me if I could make her some more of these "half dress half shirt" (as she calls them). She absolutely LOVES it and had it on all day yesturday. Which makes me feel good that my kids love wearing the things I make them.

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