Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Like Mother Like Daughter(s)

My oldest daughter has been REALLY interested just recently in "doing what Mommy does". She watches me as I sew, knit, crochet, and embroider. While I have taught her how to do a few things (I can't teach her how to crochet to save my life because I'm left handed and she's right handed and it just doesn't work for some reason) one thing that she has really been interested in lately is sewing. She has this dog Lady that she takes with her everywhere and sleeps with her. Well, because K. has a "special pillow" (it's this BEAUTIFUL pillowcase that I picked up one day while thrifting for her) that Lady needed a pillow too. So we went up to my fabric stash and she picked out this flannel that is white with pink polka dots on it. From watching me sew she basically got the idea of how to do it and I just guided her (just to get her started). She took it from there and now Lady has a very comfy pillow to lay her head down on at night.

She did an ABSOLUTE WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!! She did, however, get a little frustrated because (like ALL beginner stitchers, including 7 year olds) her stitch didn't come out straight. I told her "Yes it did honey! The fabric was crooked!" and she felt alot better about it. After she stitched it I then let her stuff the new pillow. I however closed the pillow for her only because I'm afraid of her using a sharp needle. Yes, it's me and my "protective parenting" thing coming out. I know that she would do just fine it's just the whole idea of "those dang things hurt!".

Being that K. was making a pillow and I have a "ME TOO!" for a 2 year old, L. decided that she wanted to make a pillow as well for "Baby", her new "friend" that we got at the store. So I propped L. up on my lap and we began sewing a new pillow for Baby. L. did really good, I actually just kinda had my hands there for guidance because anything that moves and it shiny she wants to touch. But she also did a super job and stuffed the pillow herself (after making Santa Claus beard and chanting HO!HO!HO).

(photo was taken by K.)
(yes, you can't really see me in the picture because we have REALLY bad lighting in our dining room, but I'm there!)

Then to "show off" the items that my daughters made is this picture with Baby and Lady showing how comfy their new pillows are.

(photo also taken by K.)

I'm so proud of my daughters!

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