Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Apron for L.

I've been wanting to make an apron for L. because she loves to wear mine when we (yes, it's a family affair when I cook dinner and I have 2 little chefs in the kitchen with me) cook dinner and it's an adult size apron, not a child size apron. Well, she also gets upset when K. grabs for her apron so I thought it was about time I make L. one. I've been busy with a few other projects that I've been trying to crank out of my sewing machine and also my hands (picked up my crochet and knitting again) so I set ALL other projects aside to make L. an apron. While she hasn't seen it yet (because she is sleeping) I know she will love it!

It is made from light weight denim fabric, scrap fabric from a purse I made, and (my favorite) ric rac. It is so sweet looking that I know L. will just LOVE it. I made just a simple pocket and used a coffee mug as a "pattern" to round off the edges of the bottom. After that I stitched on contrasting fabric and used my FAVORITE new technique "Stitch in the Ditch". Which if any of you haven't tried it yet I HIGHLY recommend you do. I did the same technique for the waist band of the apron and just stitched up some handles. I just love the sweetness of it.

P.S. As I am writing this post there is a MAJOR thunderstorm going on right now and everytime the thunder hits it shakes my house. I've jumped about 10 times already, so if there are any misspelled words or if I left a word out somewhere along the line, just blame it on the thunder.

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