Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knit and crochet

I've been picking up my knitting and crochet again and it feels good too. The nice thing though now is that when I drop a stitch I don't freak out anymore. (I could not for the life of me save a dropped stitch.) I've been toying around and just kinda playing with my yarn and came up with a couple of creations.

The first one is my crocheted flowers, that I just LOVE and are available in my shop. I've made quite a few of these and just need to add the "finishing touches" to them.

I decided to make it a lapel pin just because I thought it would look pretty that way. Besides, what else are you suppose to do with a crocheted flower other than wear it. The red yarn is 100% wool yarn and is really soft. Then just added a little yellow button for a punch of color (like the red wasn't already punching you).

And when I'm not crocheting, I'm knitting. I'm not really a "wallet" type of person. I mean, sure I haaave a wallet, but it's a store bought wallet that has no meaning other than "hey, I need a place to store my stuff". So I was playing around with my knitting, ok, I take that back, I was cleaning out my knitting basket because L. dropped one of her toys in there and came across this abandoned piece of knitting that was just screaming "HEY! Remember me, we had good times didn't we, let's do it again shall we!". So I just sat there (after the babes went to bed) and just came up with this little creation. I actually really like it and it works out just perfect for me. I'm hoping to make a few more (if I can remember the pattern) and put these up in my shop.

I used cotton yarn, and because I knit really loosely, size 6 needles, which the label on the yarn called for size 7. Added a crocheted border, because I can CO, k, p, inc, ssk, yo, k2tog, and BO, but can't for the life of me k2, BO 4, k2 and then in the next row CO those 4 stitches I BO in the previous row. It comes out all funky with this weird piece of yarn that sticks out like a sore thumb. So I added a nice crocheted border and then chained a few stitches to accomodate for the button. Hey, it doesn't matter what road you travel to get there, just as long as you get there.

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