Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday weekend

What a busy, busy weekend it was. A very good weekend (but busy). K. turned 8!!!!!!!!!! My goodness how the time flies, and to get me even more emotional, she reminded me that in another 8 years she'll be old enough to drive. Eek! Friday she had one of her friends spend the night. Strangely how I forgot what a sleep over consist of. Playing music, laughing, and of course nail painting at 11:30 p.m. Then today we had the family birthday party and it was so much fun. The weather was absolutely beautiful (which 8 years ago it was cold, drizzly rain, and gloomy) which was good because it meant that K. could wear her birthday dress.

K.'s birthday dress

The pattern is Simplicity 3860 which did not call for sleeves but being that this time of year isn't exactly "sleeveless weather" I added sleeves to it. Fabric used for it was a pillowcase from a recent thrifting trip, and (literally) scrap pink fabric. And what birthday dress would be complete without a cute embroidered cupcake.

Cupcake embroidery detail

K. absolutely loves her dress, as well as the doll that I made her and the little pillow drawing that L. and I made her.

My 2 favorite girls


Not sure though who the girls were more excited to see, my brother and his wife or their dog (which is their "child") Nellie. Either way, a good time was had by all.

My brother's dog Nellie
(Seriously, how cute is my brother's dog? I swear, I could just eat her up!)

L. blowing bubbles

L. had a great time at the party, but I think that she had more fun with the bubbles. She loves bubbles so that is another "summer essential" that we always have to stock up on.


All a girl needs is bubbles.


Lisa said...

The pictures are adorable and your sewing.. Wow! Love the dress, sew cute! ;) It looks very sweet on her. and I also like the last picture with the bubbles, just darling. Looks like it was a good time :)

Angie said...

Thank you lisa! It was a very good time. My brother and his wife live about 45 minutes away from us now so we don't get to see them that often. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the day was beautiful, everything was just beautiful.