Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thrifting Wednesday

Today is a very rainy, cold, gloomy day. So to brighten up L.'s and I spirits, I thought that I would take us thrifting. She absolutely loves to go thrifting with me and is so cute browsing through everything trying to help me find something or rather.

Curtain (Apron) for my kitchen door

Curtain (Apron) detail

I got an apron that I'm actually using as a little curtain for the door in our kitchen. I love the look of it and the apron is in immaculate shape.

Then of course, I got my crafting favorites. I always search thrift stores for fabric, yarn, pillowcases, and anything else that I can find. Today was my day and I found tons of fabric that some will be used for the girls, some for handbags, and the gorgeous green polyester is probably going to be a skirt for myself. Also, I found a cute little hand crocheted doily (whoever made this obviously didn't like weaving in their ends, which I find so funny because she/he put all this precious work into an adorable doily and then just left the ends go) I also found 2 skeins of tapestry wool in a very awesome shade of green.

Some of my thrifty finds

Also, I managed to find the girls some adorable play hats.

Ahhhh! How I loooove going thrifting!


Nettie said...

That's some good haul!

Angie said...

Indeed it is nettie. Very good thrifting day it was.