Monday, March 31, 2008

Handmade with L.

K.'s birthday is just around the corner (Sunday in fact) and so I thought that it would be nice if L. could make her a birthday gift.

The girls love drawing each other pictures and giving them to one another. But the downside of that is that they usually end up getting stepped on, colored on, or cut up into confetti.

Taking much inspiration from SouleMama's photo, I decided that it would be the perfect little thing for L. to make for her big sister's birthday present.

L. making K. a birthday gift

L. making K. a birthday gift

L.'s drawing

L.'s birthday gift to K.

I used some white fabric that I had on hand and added fusible interfacing to it so that L. would be able to color on it without the fabric bunching up. Sewed it all together (with the help of L.) and then she stuffed it. It is a picture of K. standing outside under a blue sun holding big red roses in each hand (while stylishly wearing a matching red dress and green shoes).

Not sure who was more happier about this project L., or me (considering the fact that I now have a blossoming crafter in the house).


KB said...

Cute idea!

Caroline said...

A good way to get around "what is that?" is "can you tell me about your drawing?" or some variation (I think I learned that from the Baby-Sitters Club). Or maybe offer to write the story of the drawing for her, then you can find out what's going on in her creative little head!