Friday, March 28, 2008

Handmade with K.

K. had gotten the book See and Sew by Tina Davis for Christmas. After much flipping through (and a little putting off on my part) we finally sat down yesterday and began her first real sewing project. I'm so proud of her!

She decided that she wanted to make the Strawberry Pot Holder and so we grabbed out our supplies and got to work. I was just basically there to show her "how" to do everything. I showed her how to lay the pattern out and cut out the fabric, sew on buttons (which I was informed that that was her least favorite part of it) and then sew it all together. But what made my heart melt was when she was sewing on one of the buttons and was having a little difficulty. I asked her if she wanted my help and she said "No, let me try to get it on my own!". The thing about K. is that if she is ever having trouble with something she'll want me (or her Dad) to do it for her. So I thought that was exceptionally big of her.

Laying the pattern out

She was a little huffed about the fact that L. was wanting to help be the pinner. (L. loves pins and pincushions for some reason. And yes, she learned the hard way that those things are sharp and pointy)

Cutting out her fabric

Cut out the fabric all by herself. She did however, have a little problem staying on the line.

Sewing on the buttons

Her least favorite part. On the upside though, she didn't prick her finger once and was very patient with sewing on the buttons.

Sewing it all together

She did love sewing it all together. The pattern called for a blanket stitch but I thought that it would be a little much for her right now. So I just had her do a little whip stitch.

Her first stitched F.O.!

Then all completed! I'm so proud of her and it took us about an hour and a half to complete this project. It is now hanging up in it's new home in the kitchen.


Lisa said...

oh.. that is sew ;) cute! Good job!
I'm enjoying your blog!

Angie said...

Thank you so much! And thanks for enjoying my blog.

Kiandra said...

this is so cute, as our the other projects i've seen thus far...i'm loving your blog also! how old is your little one learning how to sew? my daughter just turned five and want's to further her learning...i've been looking for a book on a beginner's level for her...i think i'll check this out.

Angie said...

Thank you kiandra! She's 7 (will be 8 on Sunday). The book really is awesome. I'm glad that I got it for her and every project is fun and cute. They make very nice "Mommy and Me" type of projects. I'm still a little weary of her using a sewing needle but she did just fine and is picking out another project for her and I to do together. Definetly am going to make it a weekly thing.