Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Presents

Last week I was browsing around on Amazon.com for some Christmas ideas for the girls. I came across this darling book for K. called SEE and SEW and it's a cute book that starts children out with the basics of sewing. Even has little patterns in there for them to trace, cut-out, and make little egg cozies and other little things. Plus, I love the fact that it is spiral bound (which I think ALL craft books should be) so that the book stays open when they are working on a project. SO CUTE! K. has been really wanting to learn how to sew lately so I know that this book will be just right for her (and I). (We've given up on the whole crocheting thing because I'm a leftie and she's a rightie and it just doesn't work for us. Any tips on how to teach her to crochet will be very helpful!)

Ssshhhh.........Christmas gift for K.
Another book that I got is for both K. and L. that should be arriving this week (or next due to the holiday) is Birds of Ohio. It's a nice book that allows you to look up a bird based on it's color and even has a check list in the back of birds that you've already seen (or learned about either way). Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea for children to learn about their surroundings. I hoping that they will look at it as "something we can do together" rather than "why did Mommy get us this book?". Knowing my girls though, I know they'll love it.

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