Thursday, November 15, 2007 Apron Swap

A while ago I had signed up for this swap over on Craftster and it was so much fun. After I received my swap partners information I had been slowly piecing everything together. It was alot of fun and in the end, I ended up with the most beautiful apron that I own. She really did an excellent job on it and I love everything about it. Even how the pocket lines up with the print of the fabric. Apron Swap - Received
Then, somehow, she had ESP and knew that I loved pomegranate (any form that it comes in). I swear, I did not tell her. Anyways, she gave me the BEST smelling pomegranate candle ever. I put it up in my bedroom and without it even lit it smells up my whole room. YUMMY! Apron Swap - Received
As well as those, she also gave me some handmade soaps. Apron Swap - Received
As well as some other little goodies.
On my end of the swap, I made her a reversible apron with a nice little pocket on both sides and then appliqued on some stars.
Side A of her apron Apron Swap - Sent!
Side B of her apron Apron Swap - Sent!
I also made her some dishcloths out of some cotton yarn I had. The pattern for the dishcloths I seen on The Carol Duvall Show. Apron Swap - Sent!
Then last but not least, I put together a little "fabric package" that consisted of the remaining of the lime green fabric, some of the black fabric and finished it off with some black ribbon that I figured she could use for one of her future projects. Apron Swap - Sent!
It was a very fun swap! Maybe (after the holidays) I'll sign up for another swap over there.


K said...

hey...i like your dishcloths! i have only ever seen crocheted ones and i cant crochet to save my soul.

i tried to look up the pattern...was this the one you used??? thanks~,2045,DIY_15079_2354752,00.html

Angie said...

aw! Thank you!
Yes, that was sorda the pattern that I used. I watched the show the day (or two) before I made these was going based off the top of my head. Mine is a little different than theirs.

I CO 3sts, knit the first row, then k1, yo, knit across. If I remember correctly, I did it until I had 30 some stitches. It's not a very big dishcloth mainly because I hate big dishcloths and I like ones that fit in the palm of my hand.

Hoped that helped. If you have anymore questions, just contact me!

Thank you too, for stopping by my blog.

K said...

thanks for the update...i will give that a try.

i tried to backtrack and i can't remember how i came about your blog...a link from a link from a link as usual i suppose.

Angie said...

Let me know how it turns out.

That's usually how I find other blogs. A link from a link from a link, then I can't ever remember how I found the blog in the first place.

Oh, and now I remember, I kept increasing until I had 34 stitches. Then started my decreases.