Thursday, April 10, 2008

Off to Grandma's House

K. as Little Red Riding Hood

Finally getting around to showing the "action photos" of K. in her Little Red Riding Hood costume. Blame Ohio snowy weather, flood season, tons of rain, and wet muddy soggy grass. Now, blue skies, dry land, and no more snow. Anyways, her play was this evening and I swear, it was the cutest little play I've ever seen. It was a very good time and K. did an excellent job.

K. as Little Red Riding Hood

K. as Little Red Riding Hood

K. as Little Red Riding Hood

To make it even cuter, (the hood has been "off limits" until after the play. Knowing my two girls, they'd want to wear it as dress up, which would be fine until the arguing kicked in and I could just see them playing tug a war with it and it ripping in half) K. is sleeping with her hood on (with the ties untied, I'm paranoid about kids and things around their neck). I told her that it was now hers to play with and do whatever and she asked if she could sleep in it because it's so super soft.


KB said...

So cute!

Lisa said...

Oh, that is so very sweet and adorable!

Angie said...

Thank you both kb and lisa!