Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My little project is finally complete and I just need to add one little last detail. I actually finished it over this past (snowed in) weekend but with a dead camera battery, I'm just now getting around to taking pictures.

Probably guessing what my project was. Well, K. is going to be in the Spring play at her school next month as Little Red Riding Hood. Her music teacher had asked me (since her school found out that I'm the "crafty mom") if I would be able to make a Red Riding Hood cape. Of course I jumped at the chance.

Cape from Simplicity 6451

Cape from Simplicity 6451

The pattern I used was actually a pattern that K. found while browsing the Simplicity book at JoAnn's. We were looking for the costume pattern of Little Red but JoAnn's was all sold out. K. was looking at the book for pretty dresses and came across Simplicity 6451. Would I make this pattern again? Absolutely NOT! I had the worst time with constructing this pattern and after my pattern pieces were all stitches together, I ended up having to reconstruct everything. I wanted to do a simple circle pattern but my Mom didn't like the idea of "just winging it" and suggested we get a pattern. "OK Mom, fine!" Not sure which was worse, constructing the cape or the hood. Neither one of them looked right and I ended up taking about 3" off the bottom of the hood to have it lay in the cape nicely. The cape on the other hand, came out looking like a freakin' garment bag. I had to reconstruct and take in the shoulders, and kept trying it on K. until I finally got it right. Next time I have to make a cape for anything, I'm just going to follow my instinct and wing it.

Cape from Simplicity 6451

Cape from Simplicity 6451

In the end though, it looks absolutely beautiful on her and I'm actually proud of how it came out. To make it even better, once it was all complete (just need to hand stitch on the ties for it) K. looked at me, threw her little arms around my waist, gave me the biggest hug and said "Thank You Mommy! I love it!" whoosh! All the problems (and the cursing that happened a time or two) of making this thing disappeared.

Cape from Simplicity 6451
The hood has a beautiful drape to it and the whole thing just looks really nice on her. It's living in my craft room for the time being considering that her play is a month away, and tomorrow will get the final approval from her music teacher.

I'll take some pictures of her wearing the cape (looks better on her than an old oversized wooden hanger) this afternoon when she comes home from school.


Cheryl said...

Well I must say that the cape turned out beautiful! Your hard work is evident, but hey, let them think you 'just whipped it big deal'. Don't you just love the hugs & smiles when you make your children things they love? I have 4 daughters and 2 sons. The girls love it when I 'just whip out something'.I made a pattern for a cute purse and made one for my 15yr old. She was beaming. Carried it to school and came back w/3 orders from her friends. I decided on a reasonable price of $25 (i thought they are teens & can't afford too much) Well, this simple little bag ended up becoming a big deal when I got all inspired & added diff. details. I figure I'm making something like $1.50hr :/

Angie said...

Aw! Thank you Cheryl! Yes, let them think that I made this last evening because I had nothing else to do. Sound just fine to me.

Congrats on the purses. Funny how something so little can turn out to be a big deal.

sewiknit said...

the cape is just too cute! She's going to be the cutest lil' red ever! Its great that you have the skills and the craftiness to make something like that...congrats on the finished work!

Angie said...

Thank you so much sewiknit! Not sure if I have the skills, but definetly have the craftiness. I'm just happy that it came out great (at one point I was ready to cut it up and make confetti) and that my daughter loves it. It's off for approval today so hopefully her music teacher will think it's fine.

KB said...

It really is beautiful. I'd wear it!

Angie said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing after it was completed. It is really soft and super light weight.