Monday, March 3, 2008

Back to the ol' sewing board

Happy March everyone!

Today I want to share just a little snippet of what I'll be doing this week (hopefully it'll be done this week). I'm not really wanting to go into great detail at the moment about what exactly I'll be doing but all knitting projects have been put on hold until I get this completed (ok, so maybe a stitch here or there). I have a deadline (next Thursday to be exact) for this project which is a first for me. I've never had any deadline of any sorts with my crafting so I'm really hoping that all goes well. It should be simple enough (for me at least) but I'm enlisting the help of my Mom and we haven't worked on a project together since I tried (yes tried) to make K. a skirt for St. Patty's day when she was 3.

A little sewing

On the upside of working with my Mom, I get to make her do things that I dislike doing such as cutting out fabric. On the downside, I'm working with my Mother, we have complete different taste of "how" things should be done and I'm more of a "just wing it" type of girl and she's more of a "by the book" type of girl.

I'll go into much greater detail when this project is complete but for now, I just want to get it done.


sewiknit said...

Well, until the unvailing, I wish you and your mom well with working together and hope you meet your deadline...

Angie said...

Thank you sewiknit!