Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I love swaps!

Private swaps, or organized swaps, regardless, they are always fun! I did a private swap with knitpixie on Ravelry. Traded my Two Balls or Less and One Skein book for some hand-dyed sock yarn and a copy of a printed pattern. Now, she had sent me a picture of the yarn after it was dyed to make sure that I would like it. Now I know why the internet does not do pictures of yarn justice. This yarn is hand-dyed BFL sock yarn and is so soft, so yummy, and so beautiful! The color is exactly what I wanted. To go along with my gorgeous yarn, she also made me some gorgeous stitch markers. Loving the fact that they match my yarn. So pretty! Looks like I got some knitting to do tonight! Can't wait either.

Ravelry Swap ~Received~

The pattern is Pulsations Socks from Spunky Hats. A little more lace-y than what I'm use to but I think that they are absolutely beautiful! Besides, I'm always up for a challenge.

RavelrySwap ~Received~

Then she spoiled me with beautiful (matching) stitch markers. Love them!

Ravelry Swap BFL Hand Dyed Sock Yarn ~Received~

Another picture of the yarn because I just can't get enough of it. I feel like some evil villian and the yarn is my cat because I'm sitting here (typing this) petting my yarn.
Thank you so much again knitpixie! Everything is beautiful!

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PJS said...

looks great, cant wait to see the socks you get from it.