Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crafting for others

So over on Craftster I had posted about the knitting needle case I made for Sabrina (aka tinyneedles) and ninjanator over there mentioned that she wants one for her crochet hooks but doesn't have access to a sewing machine. Maybe I should've and maybe I shouldn't of but I had to ask if she wanted me to make her one. (I just LOVE making things for other people.) So after a couple of messages back and forth she said that the only way that she would receive one is if she could make something for me in return. So we messaged back and forth some more and then finally it came down to we would each send each other one medium size gift (my crochet hook case for the Shroom from CrochetMe) and then 2 surprise little gifts.

This past week (which I think that my mailman officially thinks that I came into a hoopla of $$$ because it seems like everyday he's dropping of something or rather for me, my b~day was a few weeks ago and so I had ordered somethings with my b~day $$$$ that James gave me) I had received her gifts that she had sent me and I'm completely overwhelmed with everything.

First up is this BEAUTIFUL crocheted Shroom that she made me using the pattern from CrochetMe! I LOVE it!
Mushroom Received

Then (which I absolutely LOVE this one because what girl doesn't love a good piece of jewelry) is this beautiful necklace that she made me. I LOVE it!
Necklace Received

And last, but not least are these adorable pie charms that she made using polymer clay. They will probably get turned into stitch markers.
Pie Charms

I thank you ninjanator VERY VERY MUCH! for everything! It is all very beautiful and I love each and every item you made! (Handmade items are the BEST items you can own!)

(Not posting the pictures of the items I made her just yet because she still hasn't received them yet, well, she lives in Canada and it's at her post office, she just hasn't picked it up yet because of school. Don't want to ruin the surprise for her now.)


Sabrina said...

Hi Angie! I like your blog, it looks really nice!
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog too I was so happy when I saw it!
When was your birthday?


Angie said...

Hey Sabrina! Glad you stopped by! My b~day was Sept. 12th. I don't really like to tell people when it's my b~day for some reason. I've always been that way even when I was a little girl.