Thursday, October 4, 2007

My side of the swap.

Yesterday I got a message from ninjanator that because she lives in an apartment and no one is home during the morning I could go ahead and post what I had made her for the swap since she won't get it till Saturday. (If your reading this ninjanator, I hope you like it!)

She really wanted a crochet hook case so after going back and forth about fabric I finally narrowed it down and made her case. Both the fabrics I used I got from Walmart. I put in a little pocket so that all her stitch markers, row counters, needles, and other what nots won't fall out. The ribbon closure is some that I received from an Etsy seller.

All rolled up
Crochet Hook Case for Ninjanator ~sent!~

Opened up
Crochet Hook Case for Ninjanator ~sent!~

A close up shot of the pocket. I added a velcro closure for easy opening and the added buttons just to give a little added detail to the front.
Crochet Hook Case for Ninjanator ~sent!~

Then because what crocheter wouldn't be complete without a nice set of stitch markers, I made her these.
Crochet Stitch Markers ~sent!~
I just LOVE making stitch markers and they are the perfect little gift to include in a swap.

Also, she loves ninjas (hence the name) and after browsing around on her Wist to get a better idea of what to make for her, I just couldn't resist making a little ninja lapel pin. I actually have never made a ninja before and it was SO FUN! Although, I don't think I'm adding to the "toughness" of ninja's because I added cute little buttons eyes for him.
Ninja lapel pin and stitch markers ~sent!~
I left the fraying on him (rather than making him nice and neat looking) because, well, he's a ninja and he's out there fighting battle.

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