Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm still here

Ya know, it's funny in the blogging world that you have to do a post to say "Hey, yes, I'm still alive and kickin'!" This month has been rather busy for us with back to school meetings, tiredness from ALL of us of having to get up earlier than what we were over the summer, and some crafting that I've been doing to keep me sane.

One very important thing that happened to us (NO! I'm not pregnant!) is that we are getting ready to move this month (hopefully we will be all moved in in two weeks). It was/is actually a pleasant surprise that this BEAUTIFUL! house fell into our laps. We were sorda looking for a place to live but not really and this past Tuesday James took us by this one place that he thought was available and sure enough it was. On the up side, we will have a 2 1/2 car garage (which is actually bigger than that because it is really deep) a nice big yard for the girls to play in and an excellent neighborhood. Oh, and (at least to me it is) I will FINALLY after dreaming, wanting, lusting after, my very own, CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!! That means that I will NO longer have my stuff strown about in the bedroom, no more lugging out the sewing machine and getting all set up to work on a project 20 minutes before dinner is due, no more trying to remember where in the world I stored my fabric or which plastic shopping bag has what yarn in it. I will FINALLY have a nice space ALL for me (and some of the girls toys so that they can be in there while I'm in my crafting mode). It has built in shelving and is a very nice size room that (hopefully) my Mom will give me her cutting table that she has stored up in the spare room at her house that she NEVER (honestly never) uses.

I am a little overwhelmed right now at the moment of just the fact of how blessed my family has been to have this beautiful house fall into our laps. Oh, and there is a bay window in the living room. I've ALWAYS wanted a bay window I just picture myself sitting on the ledge with some comfy pillows, nice warm blanket, good book (probally a crafting book, or maybe some knitting) and watching the rain come down.

I really want to honestly and truely thank God that he has blessed us. I pray though, that everything will keep falling into place.

Don't really know how much I will be popping in but rest asure that I will keep you posted.

Hope everyone has/had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!


Marty said...

Sounds like the perfect home. I do hope all goes well and you're able to get all moved in and set up your sewing/crafting space. When DD moves into her own apt, I can reclaim my sewing room. Good luck!

Angie said...

Hello Marty! Thank you for being so kind as to wishing my family and I well. Isn't it funny how children "take over" the house. I am really excited and just want October to be over which is sad because this is only the 1st of the month. In time though all will be packed and unpacked and life will be back to normal.

Lisa Kay said...

Congrats on the new house - I'm sure you'll enjoy your craft room!

Angie said...

Thank you very much Lisa Kay! I'm sure I will enjoy my craft room just fine ;) .