Monday, January 21, 2008

Socks for K.

Last week I had posted that I had finished one sock for K. This weekend I finally got it all completed after frogging it a few times, and stashing it in my knitting bag hoping that it would miraculously come out all completed. For some reason I had the worst time with this second sock. Which is strange considering it is the same pattern I used for L.'s socks, just the bigger size. (Which in the post I now see that I forgot to mention what pattern I used. Guess I was more excited about my first pair of socks than giving all the details. The pattern is Child's Rainbow Sock from a booklet I got from Paton's and it's called Pull Up Your Socks. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the socks.)

Reason #1 for frogging: Heel flap was messed up
Reason #2 for frogging: After said heel flap was completed correctly and I shaped the heel, I didn't have the right # of stitches to pick up.
Reason #3 for frogging: I wasn't paying attention to my knitting and was paying more attention to my girls singing and dancing that I knitted for 3 row even instead of doing my decreases to have the instep meet the heel.

But, the one thing that did keep me going to complete this sock was that one it was for K., if it had been for me I would've said "f*** it" and moved onto another project. But also, I'm now casting on for a pair of socks for me and I couldn't justify making myself a pair before I made K. a pair. So I kept at it (and frogged it) and finally completed it this evening.

Socks for K.

Socks for K.

Socks for K.

The yarn I used (being that I never thought I'd pick up sock knitting) is Bernat Baby yarn that my Mom gave me a while ago. They fit her absolutely perfect. She was so happy that I got them done and immediately put them on.
Next up on my "To-Knit" list are the Broadripple socks from Knitty. Then I'm going to go shopping at The Loopy Ewe for some nice sock yarn so I can make the Jaywalkers from Grumperina.


En mi pequeño Mundo said...

Hi Angie, you did a great job they look beautiful! and I can imagine K putting them on with a smile on her cute face!

I've always wanted to make the jaywalker( I think they are my favorites)I really like them!

Hugs and kisses

Angie said...

She did indeed have a smile on her face. Kept telling me all day how much she loved her new socks and even asked me if I could make more for her.

As far as the Jaywalkers. I really want to make them but I want some nice sock yarn to make them with. Mainly because I've wanted the Jaywalkers for so long that I figure they should have the enjoyment of some nice yarn.