Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another sock in progress

I'm beginning to notice that my knitting goes back and forth between my 2 girls. What I mean is that I "take turns" on who I'm making what for. First K. gets something handmade by me, then L., then K., then L., then K., then L., .......................and it goes on. I still have not yet made a hat for me, or a scarf for me, a few sewn tops yes, but nothing knitwear wise for myself. Although I'd love to be able to sit there and knit a sweater or a hat for me.

So, I got L.'s socks all done and took a little break from knitting. Then picked up those darn needles again and started with K.'s sock. Same pattern as L.'s just the larger size. Yarn is some Bernat Baby yarn that my Mom gave to me a while ago. While I know it won't hold up for long wear, I figure she can wear them around the house to keep her tootsies warm this winter. I have only the first sock done right now and am working on the second.

One down One to go

Hope everyone had a very blessed weekend!

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