Monday, January 7, 2008

All done! No second sock syndrome for me!

My first pair of knitted socks

This morning I got L.'s second sock completed. It would've been done last night but I was tired and just wanted to relax with nothing in my hands. L. absolutely loves them and she has had them on all day.

L. wearing her new socks

And my grafting of the toes was much better for the second sock!

My first pair of knitted socks
(The second sock is the one with the blue toes)
While the stripes don't match up, they remind me of L. because when she dresses her self nothing ever matches.

My first pair of knitted socks

My only problem with sock #2 is that I somehow managed to get a hole where my instep meets the gusset. Anyone know how to fix/avoid this?

Somehow I managed to get a hole

Now next onto my to-do list is to make K. a pair of socks and I do believe that I have just enough yarn left over. Then I'll do the afghans. Just not in the mood to crochet right now for some reason.


...dotty... said...

Hooray ! Beautiful job ! ! !
If you got a hole there, you're officially a new sock a little research and you'll find that it's sort of an initiation essential ! My tip would be that you need to pick up an extra stitch or two there to make sure that gap is closed. Patterns don't tell you this.......they say pick up 'X' number of stitches, but usually you'll need another one or two on each side to keep there from being a hole. Look back at that section when you've gotten maybe 2 stitches knitted past it, pull on it, and see if there's a hole. If there's one now, it ain't gonna go away ! Tink back to where the gap is, and pick up what you need to; all it means to the pattern is that you will have to knit a few more decrease rounds on the big deal, and no way to tell !

Feel free to join our little knitalong.. ..expect to read alot of stuff that's unsockrelated..(I wouldn't expect you to read back over the WHOLE thread.....but you can ask all of your questions, there, and usually get pretty quick informed answers.......or atleast commiseration !

Hope to see you there !
Way to go !

Angie said...

Thank you so much dotty for your help. And I have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one that it happens too. I started a pair of socks for my oldest daughter and did exactly what you had just said to do when I got to picking up stitches. And guess what! NO HOLE! YAY! I tell ya, you have been such of an inspiration to me to become a sock knitter. Thank you for that!