Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My girl and I's Day

Yesterday K. had a field trip and being that I'm a "room mom" for her class I got to go as a chaperone. The field trip was to Sippo Lake as part of a science learning experience for her school. So much fun and we couldn't ask for better weather. (It has been raining for a week now, yesterday was 70 and sunny and now we are back to rain until next Wednesday.)

The best part of the whole day though was that K. and I got to spend it just the two of us. My Mom had L. spend the night at her house. That I think is the hardest part of being a Mom with more than one child. I sometimes find it difficult to spend equal amount of quality time with both of them. Well, it's actually easier for L. and I because she's not in school so we spend all day together. But I really look forward to when K. and I can spend time just the two of us.

K. and I's Field Trip Day

The only part of the whole field trip that was absolutely no fun at all was the 30 minute school bus ride. Apparently the bus driver had a death wish and wanted to take 50 kids, 2 school teachers, and 4 room mom's with him. No fun at all!

Sippo Lake

Lily Pads

Beautiful Dogwood

We visited the wetlands part of the park first, then did a little animal learning experience (and no, I did not know that Ohio's State Reptile was the Black Racer Snake, yuk!) then went for a little nature hike. Such of a wonderful learning experience for both her and I.

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Lisa said...

What fun! :) My mom had 5 and I'm the oldest of them and come to think of it.. I don't remember getting alot of alone time with her unless we were doing chores inside. However, I did get that time in my 20's when all my sibs had left home. And now, I'm way up here in AK and rarely see her at all....

It is nice that you get this time with her :)

Angie said...

Very nice indeed Lisa! We don't get as much "alone" moments as L. and I do but I think that that is what makes our moments all the more special. Plus, we always do something fun when it's just the two of us.