Friday, April 25, 2008

The Excitement Continues

All the talk this week has been about Mama Robin and her eggs. Two more in fact have been layed in the nest. It's actually exciting on my part as well. We've all learned a thing or two this week about Mother Nature and her works.

To continue our ongoing story of Mama Robin, she's been visiting the nest quite frequently and the girls just think it's so cute that she likes to keep her little eggies nice and warm.

Mama Robin

L. watching Mama Robin

It is actually really interesting to watch her sit there keeping the eggs warm, flying in to check on them, and more amazing that L. will sit there quitely indian style and watch her (the length of a 3 year old attention span is quite amazing sometimes). It's almost as if we have our own front row seats to nature.

On a side note, being that all the talk this week has been about birds, eggs, and Robins, I did a little search so that the girls and I can learn more about this whole experience and came across this link here. The first egg was layed on April 21st so that means that after all the eggs are layed, we should have some baby birds first or second week of May.


Lisa said...

Oh wow! I'm amazed that she would lay the eggs in such a public place.. amazing. I would sit there for hours too watching it.. very interesting. Looking forward to future developments... and I'm vicariously getting spring from you! :)
It snow here on Friday.

Angie said...

Yuk! Snow! That's a bad word around here after March. It was suppose to snow this past weekend but instead it was sunny and gorgeous. Never trust a weatherman.

Anyways, yes, it is pretty exciting and it's not really that opened where she has her nest. We have a big tall pine tree right outside that window. 4 eggs total now so hopefully soon we'll have some baby birds.

KB said...

Wow! What an awesome learning experience. Where can I get one of those? (kidding)

Angie said...

Yes kb, it is really a cool experience (not only for the girls but also for me). Although, the waiting for the eggs to hatch is a little too long for the girls.