Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jewelry making

It has been a looooong time since I've done anything in jewelry making. In fact, I don't even think I've ever blogged about any of my jewelry making on here. Jewelry making has always been something of mine that I've always enjoyed. I can whip up a pair of earrings moments before having to head out the door, or spend a hour working on a simple bracelet. And just like sewing and knitting, jewelry making has a wide array of beads, findings, etc. My favorite our of course the beads. So many pretty colors, shapes, sizes, types, etc.

So, being that James got me a cigar box at my disposal, I figured that I would spend sometime and sort out my beads and store them in the cigar box. The girls enjoyed it as well because I gave K. all the beads that I didn't want anymore (making herself a very cute "modge podge" necklace).

Now that I had my beads sorted through, I needed to make jewelry. I've used up the majority (of my favorite) beads making stitch markers so I think a nice trip to the local bead shop is in my future. (With no kids I might add because they have a gazillion beads all in these little glass dishes right at childs height. NO thank you! I do not feel like playing gazillion pick up!)

I did manage to make just a few things though and I'm in love with my new jewelry.



My favorite is the bracelet. I've had this green bead in my stash forever and every time I've looked at it always reminded me of a green mushroom top. So, I made a little mushroom charm and added it to the bracelet.

A while ago a posted a photo on my Flickr account about some buttons that my Grandmother had given to me from her stash (see photos here, here, here, and here) . I've finally put (a few) of them to good use and made these button rings.

2 button rings

Button ring

They are so super easy to make. I just took these rings that you decorate yourself and stitched the buttons on. Some have holes in them (as the ones that I've used) and others just have a flat surface for you to glue something or rather onto it. You can view a better picture of the rings that I'm talking about here.


Lisa said...

Very pretty and creative, I esp like the idea of a button ring, cute! Looks like you could have loads of fun making jewelry. :)

Angie said...

Oh yes Lisa, jewelry making can get pretty addicting, trust me.

Carolyn said...


...psst, I just tagged you with a meme, on my blog:


Angie said...

Thank you Carolyn!