Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy Lil' Bees

That's been us lately. Seems like once this gorgeous Spring weather hit us, we've been outside all the time now. Only to go in to get dinner prepared. I love it though. It feels good being outside and watching my girls at play.

So I'll start with some big news that we've (around here) have been waiting for. A Mama Robin has been building her nest outside our bedroom window for weeks now and the girls have crept in so quitely to watch her (and they think it's hilarious they way she wiggles her bum to shape the nest).

Mama Robin - April 14, 2008

Empty Nest - April 14, 2008

Then finally the big day came. Mama Robin put a little eggie in her nest.
The big day! - April 21, 2008

So that has been the big news this week around our house. They are so excited and keep checking on the egg a gazzillion times a day. When Mama Robin is there keeping her little soon to be hatched babe warm they think it's cute and precious. But when Mama Robin is off doing her bird duties, they sorda get upset. K. even asked if she could open the window and grab the egg to hold it and keep it warm.

Over the weekend, I did some gardening. Putting in only low maintenace plants and flowers such as Black-Eyed Susans, Hosta, Lamb's Ear (my fave), and Daffodils. I swear, I'm probably the only person that could kill a cactus. Yes, I do get my cooking and crafting ability from my Grandmother, but that is it. (And I'm jealous too because my Grandma can walk through any garden and name every flower, how to care for it, and what sunlight is best for it. I swear, she's an older version of Martha Stewart when it comes to gardening.) So on Earth Day, the girls and I gathered bricks and rocks from around our yard and made a little rock garden. In order for it to grow, you just add more rocks (the easiest garden I know how to care for).

Earth Day April 22, 2008

Another thing that we did on Earth Day was that James and I finally got around to hanging up our clothesline. The girls loved it as well and were helping us hang up the clothes, then of course running under the clothes laughing each time.

Earth Day April 22, 2008

I love having a clothesline. Now I'll just have to plan my laundry day on nice warm sunny days.


Lisa said...

I remember how clothes smelled after being hung on the line.. so fresh and wonderful. Love it! The bird story is sweet.. I hope it survives too. :)

Angie said...

I actually really do like hanging clothes out to dry. And the girls love to help hang them up as well.

And yes, I too hope that the birdie survives because I really don't want 2 crying babes on my hands and explain to them that sort of thing.