Friday, April 18, 2008

My craft room - still a WIP

Over the past few days (weeks actually) I've been slowly trying to clean out my craft room and get everything in there as organized as I possibly can. It's still no where near how I invision it but it's slowly getting there.

So much easier

I completely rearranged everything at least 3 times. And yet, ironically placed my sewing table right back where it was. There are only 2 outlets in the room and the other one is directly beside the closet.

Sewing table

And finally got around to getting James to put up my $2 Goodwill find shelf (that is probably one of my favorite items in my room).

My $2 Goodwill shelf

Items on the shelf

Some favorites

Book shelf and embroidery goodies

Another corner

Yarn that I have either "plans" for or are WIP's and added another clothes line to put up pictures that I find in magazines.

Next up is organizing the closet (which I'm really dreading).

Next up is the closet

Then after all this was said and done, I got my Dad and James to bring up my hope chest that's been sitting out in the garage since we've moved in here. Oh yes, and L. and I trashed it again after a bag making scrap cutting up frenzy her and I had the other day. Guess it goes to show that this place will only stay clean if I (and the girls, and occasionally James) never go in there.

And the mess


Lisa said...

:) Love the last line! So, true for me. If we'd just stay out of the house.. it'd stay clean! :)
It is sweet that you have a room just for you though.. I so long for a room just for me. I think eventually you will get there :) So far, very good!

Angie said...

Yes Lisa, this rule also applies to my whole house.

I love having my own space. It's me and filled with all sorts of things that I love. Especially some of my favorite things were passed down to me from my Grandmother.