Sunday, December 30, 2007

A very Merry Christmas indeed

I'm still trying to recoop from Christmas. A very good time we all had. Spending some much needed time with family, laughing, and enjoying each other. A very Merry Christmas indeed.

I've been back in my crafting mode this weekend and have while I have to wait for some decent lighting in my house to show one of my projects, I can show a scarf that I knitted K. On my little shopping trip to JoAnn's with my Mother Friday I had each of the girls pick out some yarn. Both picked out Lion Brand Jiffy and Friday night I got to work on a scarf for K. Using the Wavy Gravy pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation, I whipped this scarf up in no time. Super easy and K. absolutely loves it.

Wavy Gravy

K. wearing her scarf


Sabrina's Creations said...

Hi Angie the scarf looks really beautiful!!

Angie where are you?? I miss you? Are you ok? Long time no see!


Angie said...

Thank you Sabrina! I was just getting ready to ask you the same thing. Seems like it's been quite on your end. Hope all is well with you.