Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A new pincushion

As any sewer knows, you can never have too many of one item. (scissors, needles, pincushions, fabric, what have you) Every time I go to sew now I find myself fumbling around for my pincushion. When I'm at my pinning/cutting table, it's at my sewing table and vice versa. I never had this problem at the old house because my pinning/cutting/sewing table was the dining room table so my pincushion was always right where I needed it.

Well, this evening I thought that enough was enough with the manhunt of my pincushion and I needed to make another one so I can keep one at the sewing table and one at the pinning/cutting table. I absolutely love the one that Sabrina made me for a swap that we did at the beginning of the summer so I knew that I would just take inspiration from that and make a replica.

The fabric that I used is vintage fabric that I picked up at a local garage sale this past summer. The bottom fabric is made from some chocolate brown wool that I had on hand.

My new pincushion!

Now I will no longer be on a wild goose chase for my pincushion. I will always have one right where I need it (unless L. comes and tries to steal one of them).


Anonymous said...

yay!! your new pincuchion looks beautiful! I love the colors and it looks really cute, great work Angie like always!



Angie said...

Thank you Sabrina!

KB said...

Pretty pincushion! I never have trouble losing pincushions, it's all my scissors and seam rippers that vanish into thin air. If only I could make some of those.

Angie said...

ha! Yes, I wear this granny smock thing when I sew so my scissors and Mr. Ripper always go into the pockets. Wouldn't it be nice though to make scissors.