Friday, June 8, 2007

Thrifting Friday

Last night on my way to the store I had seen a few signs for garage sales. *Light bulb goes off in head*. So I get back from the store and I tell James that I had found signs for garage sales.

Here is how our basic conversation goes:

ME: (As soon as I get in the door) I saw signs for garage sales.
JAMES: hhmmm.............really?
ME: Yes, they are all starting tomorrow.
JAMES: So do you think $20 will be enough for ya?
JAMES: OK, so $40? (with this look on his face)
ME: UM, did you forget that I'm cheap. (It's a joke between him and I)
JAMES: Oh right, alright. (gives me a $20 from his pocket) Have fun, can't wait to see what all you get.
ME: (throwing my arms around him giving him a hug) Thanx honey, who knows what goodies I'll find.

So, this morning I got up and was ready to hit the town. My Mom had kept K. over last night so it was just L. and I which was good because then I only had 1 kid asking me "Can I have that" "Oo! Mama look, I likey this" (as she picked up this big glass lamp and was trying to bring it to me). After L. and I got ready we went out the door and what a trooper my little one is. It was 90 degrees today but the humidity was really hitting hard and being in garages looking at stuff means that you get hot real easy. One garage sale I went to was a complete bust because they had TONS of girls clothes (which is right up my alley considering I have 2 of them) but the sizes were either newborn - 18months or girls size 8 - 14. L. wears a 2T and K. is just starting to get into a size 6x. But the others had TONS of goodies that I could've bought everything there. One even had a Sears 1970-ish sewing machine for $50.00 (guess I shoulda scored that $40 from James). I did manage to score some awesome things however and came back home with $10.00 in me ol' pocket.

In this pic are some vintage hand embroidered, hand stitched pillow cases, some fabric that was $2.00, a vintage make up bag for $0.50, change purse for L. for $0.10, a butterfly tray ($0.50)that I still have no clue where I'm going to put it yet, and a summery outfit for L. that was $0.20.

Then at another garage sale I got this rug for $2.00 that matches my dining room PERFECT! I've been looking for a rug for the dining room for quite sometime now but none has ever really spoke to me. We have hardwood floors in our living room and dining room and while we found a rug for the living room a few years back we just never found one for the dining room. The girls play in the dining room and now they can have a nice soft spot to play with dolls, blocks, and everything else.

Then I got L. this purple outfit for $0.20 and these fleece pj pants with adorable little fairy ballerinas for $0.10.

Which brings me to my point that I have to share. Ok, so I've mentioned a few times on here that I am a sucker for the $0.25 table right!? Well, now I'm officially a sucker for the $0.10 table. Some of the clothes that I got L. she wont be able to wear until fall and winter comes (which here in Ohio that could be next month) but I did manage to get her a few items for the summer.

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