Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maple Leaf and a Hat Formula

Today L. and I had to go to the store and this beautiful red leaf caught my eye. Just laying there on the ground in the cold rain (it's been raining all day). I guess L. and I both found it at the same time and she said "Awwww! Can we keep it?" So, we picked up the leaf, placed it in the car and after we returned from the store the first thing she wanted to do was dry the leaf off. That we did and I took a picture of it to capture the beauty of the reddness. If anyone knows me, knows that red is my all time favorite color. Right up there with avocado green (but not together unless it's Christmas time).

Found: Maple Leaf

Then today I was browsing the computer to find the perfect knitted hat pattern for the girls, myself, and James. I have a hat pattern for James (of course his will be done in black, not hot pink, although I am almost tempted to make it in hot pink), and have one for K. (knitted up in some pink yarn of course), as well as myself (I love the feminine detail of the lacy pattern), but I can not for the life of me find a nice knitted hat pattern for L. (I was going to do Bunny Hat from SnB Nation but I got lost in the short rows and, after re-doing it about 3 times decided to frog it). For some reason everything I find is made with some funky fun fur yarn and (no offense to the designers) but just isn't my style. Anyways, so I decided to Google "children's knitted hat pattern" and after still no luck I was just about to give up until I found this. It's a formula for knitting a hat. Now I can actually design my own little pattern and get a nice knitted hat for L. Talk about 2 birds with one stone!

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