Friday, August 3, 2007

Off Site Tutorials

I decided that it would be easier to make a list of off site tutorials in a post and just put a link in the sidebar to this post.

~Note: NONE of these are my tutorials. They are ALL tutorials/projects that I've stumbled across over time. If you make ANY of these projects and post to your blog or somewhere else, PLEASE make sure that you give credit to those who have taken time to write out the tutorials. Thank you!

Baby Bib ~ CrazyMomQuilts
Bandana Pants ~ BlueYonder
Camera Case ~ Craftster
Coin Purse ~ Craftand Fabric Links
DPN case ~ Kathryn Ivy
Dress Form Pincushion ~ GetCreativeShow
Fabric Bi-Fold Wallet ~ Craftster
Fabric Flower ~ MollyChicken (very very cute)
Lined Zipper Pouch ~ Craftster (going to make this as soon as I can find my zipper foot)
Fabric Card Holder ~ Little Thing by Magda (She also has a few more tutorials ~ Check Them Out)
Pincushion ~ MyLittleMochi (very very cute, and I love the way it's right there on your wrist)
Pincusion ~
Pillowcase Dress ~ EverthingSewing (Make sure to check out the How-To section as well)
Pillowcase Purse ~ Craftster
Pleated Pouch Bag ~ Taunton
Recycled Sweater Bag ~
Simple and Elegant Dress ~ TeresaFranco
The Hipslinger aka The Fanny Pack ~ Craftster
Zippers ~ Twelve22

Whew! Well, I hope you find some of these (or all of these) very helpful, especially when you have that crafter's block. If there is a tutorial here that I have not listed or if you have a tutorial on your blog that you want on this list please either leave it in the comments section or email me @ multicrafty(at)gmail(dot)com.

~Edited to Add:~

Pinafore ~ fort and field
Soft Baby Cube ~ london mummy via Flickr

~Added 10-8-07~
Amigurumi Turtle ~ Gnat on the windshield
Crocheted Coffee Cozy ~ MK Carroll (she has been on Knitty Gritty)
Knitted Coffee Cozy ~ PensandNeedles
Cute Criss-Cross Coasters ~ Allsorts
Adorable doll pattern ~ Crafty Carnival

~Added 10-10-07~
I found this owl tutorial yesturday and HAVE to put it on here. It is way to cute and looks super easy. As soon as I get my sewing machine back I'll have to give this a go.
Owl ~ Moonstitches

I really really want one of these zakka pouches. I just LOVE the combination of knit with fabric. Gives it a beautiful texture.
Zakka Pouch ~ Black Dog Design


Melissa said...

I've been to 5 of the sites so foar and have this post bookmarked! Thanks for listing these :)

Melissa said...

so *far

Angie said...

Not a problem! I sometimes get crafters block and I figured others do as well and so that's why I made up this list. Plus, it's not fare that I just keep these awesome tutorials to myself. I've had some of these in my bookmarks for almost a year.