Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, I have a good excuse though. It's summertime which mean that the girls and I have been outside playing and having a good time. As promised before, when I did my private swap with tinyneedles and I am just now getting around to posting about the things I made/sent her. I forgot, however, to take pictures of everything before I sent it out to her so you can view the photos of the things I made via her Flickr account.

I made her an apron for when she makes her pizzas. It's a reversible one and here is Side A and here is Side B. Then I also sent her some other goodies such as yarn, DPN holder (that I found the tutorial for via, and stitch markers.

Then to post (brag) about what she sent me, a VERY awesome purse, some fabric (that I've already used up) awesome vintage inspired needle case, a beautiful crocheted jute basket, pincushion, and very cute little barettes for my girls.

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sabrinacreations said...

yay!!! What a great swap Angie!
I loved it! I'm so happy that you put up all the pictures!! I think this was a great swap we had lots of fun doing it!

Happy that we are friends!
Sabrina (tinyneedles)