Monday, July 30, 2007

Crafting for my girls.

I have been on this sewing rampage lately for some reason. I LOVE the simplicity of the projects I can make for my girls. It's funny too, we have this system worked out that when I sew they ALWAYS want to paint, color, or sit there and play with my fabric scraps. Well, it pays off because 9 times out of 10 I always end up making something for them. A few of my latest projects have involved flowers, purple, and pants.

This bag here was made for K. because she LOVES to take her Junie B. Jones Books with her. It is just big enough to carry 3 of her favorite Junie B.'s in.

And because I made a drawstring bag for K., my little me too (L.) wanted one too. So I whipped up one for her.

And then I FINALLY got around to making the Wee Bunnies via Wee Wonderfuls. They were really super easy to make and the only part that was a little bit difficult was the bottom.
This pink one is for K.
and this blue one is for L.
(so on my computer the blue bunny looks weird, it's just the pattern of the fabric. Strange!)

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