Sunday, June 24, 2007

Whew! I'm done!

I made 2 purses this evening and I'm now ready for bed. I couldn't stop though. After I made the first one (L. took ownership of it by the way) I wanted to make another one. In a previous post I had posted about some vintage hankerchiefs I found at a garage sale. I've been wanting to do something with them for quite some time now and the hamster finally went back on the wheel today. I've been browsing around on Flickr and the internet for some ideas on how to incorporate them into a sewing project. A while ago I was watching DIY's Stylelicious and they had this segment (can't find that show now) with this lady that took vintage hankerchiefs and incorporated them into her purses. They were so cute and adorable. Well, today, that's just what I did only I changed it up a bit to make it more "mine".

Mine are both made from the pant leg of an old pair of jeans I had. I cut off all the seaming and hemming that was already on there to make it a little more easier for me to figure out just how I was going to make them. Then I just figured where I wanted the hankie to go and stitched in on.

This one here is the one that L. took over. She absolutely LOVED it and was watching me make it the whole time. I put a little button on it to keep the pocket closed and the inside (since half way through I decided that it was L.'s) I added a velcro closure to make it easier for her to open up and put her goodies in there.

Then this one I actually just finished up about 10 minutes ago and for the top of the pocket I added some bias tape (first time working with that stuff too. Don't know if I did it right but it sure came out ok.) And instead of a button closure for the pocket (which only goes about half way down the rest is just there for your enjoyment) I moved it up to the top of the purse.

Both of the purse handles are made from the remaining of the hankerchief to sorda tie it all together. I thought that if I used different fabric for the handles it just wouldn't look right. Plus I just LOVED these hankerchiefs and wanted to use up every bit of them I could so I didn't have any odd ball scraps left over.

Now I want to make some more but I only have 2 hankerchiefs left. The one has some ageing to it just from sitting around at an estate sale the gentleman got them from and the other I think might be a tad to small, at least to have some left over for a decent handle.

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