Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bargain Day! (again)

Yes, I went shopping again and this time I had no kids which meant that I could take my dear old time and shop like I use to back before they came along. I headed off to the thrift store today and I don't know what was into me but I loaded up my cart (like I always do) and then ended up putting back about 1/2 of the things that I really wanted to get. I always do that though. Load up the cart with potential purchases and then sort through them and say to myself "Do I really need another knick knack?" "Or another crafting paraphenial?" Well, now I'm kicking myself in the rear because 2 items of clothing that I really wanted I ended up putting back. I don't know why though. I just really wasn't in the mood today. Maybe it's because I didn't have my 2 shadows with me hiding in the clothes waiting for me to come flipping along and then they jump out at me (as if I didn't know that they were there) and say "Here I am Mommy!!!!" or "Pick me Mommy! Pick me! I'm sale!" (Gosh I love it when L. does that)

Onto the purchases, and please excuse the crappyness of the pic but we were heading out the door and I wanted to hurry up and get a pick of the things I got before hand.

I got myself a pair of Skechers tennis shoes for $4.99. They have little zipper pouches on the sides and sorda remind me of the Kangaroo's that were out back in the 80's.

I got L. an adorable little cotton knit summer outfit. The skirt is from The Children's Place for $0.99 and the shirt has a off name brand tag on it. Probably from a place like JCPenney or Macy's (dunno know) for $0.99

Then K. is wearing MaryKate and Ashley silk pajama pants that I got for $1.99 and a Strawberry Shortcake pajama shirt I got for $0.99. They both LOVED their outfits.

And last but not least is the rest of the goodies. I got L. another outfit, K. got a skirt (which is super cute and reminds me of a Hawiian skirt) from Children's Place, 2 vintage pillow cases (1 of which is getting turned into a purse thanks to Martha Stewart), 1 adorable dish towel with tuplips on it, fabric remenant that measures 45"x72", 1 granny style polyester style shirt for myself, 1 red with white flowers smock for myself, an awesome golf style shirt that was $0.49 but had a yellow tag on it so that meant 50% off, and 2 more really cute shirts for myself.

All in all I had a very good day, my girls loved their things, I spent $15.62 (I'm not kidding, I'll show ya the receipt if need be. The most expensive thing was my shoes.), and James chuckled because I am the cheap one in this relationship (he has a Harley Davidson/motorcycle mania fetish).

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