Friday, April 13, 2007

Like Mother Like Daughter!

So a while ago I bought the Knifty Knitter package from Pat Catan's and just kinda stuffed it into my craft trunk. The other day I brought it back out and was playing around with it, of course with both my girls by my side wanting to "Do what Mommy does!" I showed K. (my oldest) how to wrap the yarn around and how to do it. She was really getting the hang of it. So much so that she made a hat for herself and Lady (her FAVE stuff doggy that Daddy got her).

She kept working and working at it with great joy and satisfaction on her face.

Here is a pic of her progress:

and here is the pic of her first FO (oh my, I think I might have tears in my eyes):

and of course she had to have me take a pic of her and Lady (they take turns wearing the hat):

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momof3girls said...

Cute, Cute! My oldest daughter got a knifty knitter while we were on a trip (she's like me-she needed something to do with her hands!). She made so many hats-for herself, her sisters, her friends. She got the smaller hoop and made flowers to put on the hats. Now she's making leg warmers for dance next year. The nice thing about these is the almost "instant" gratification.