Monday, April 16, 2007

Crafty Weekend

So aside from the fact that I was helping my daughter make her hat in the other post. I was toying around once again with making another brooch/lapel pin. My latest invention turned into me working on it Saturday night while watching "Fun with Dick and Jane" which I have already seen about 4 times but for some reason I love to watch Jim Carrey, his body language is absolutely hilarious to me and while he has played a few serious parts (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Man on the Moon), I just for some reason LOVE to watch him perform.

Ok so on to the reason why I am posting on this 39 degree very windy, very cold April afternoon, so here is my little pic from Saturday night and while I kept feeling as if it was missing something but being tired I retired to bed and then Sunday I was busy with the girls and along with my other household chores, I was busy catching up on a hoopla of laundry.

And today I finally finished it up with the approval of L.. She makes sure that Mommy doesn't make anything that looks crazy or ugly.

The fabric is vintage fabric that my Grandma gave me. The little lacy fabric peeking out from under the green yarn is recycled from a shirt that I use to wear that while I still love it, it has served it's fashion duty for me and is now time to move on. The green yarn is 100% cotton Red Heart yarn that my Grandma gave me, and the button I had in my button box that came in a package of 4 for $0.73 from good ol' Walmart. While it still needs a lapel pin backing which I will pick up right after I pick up Kyla from school it is (in my eyes) complete.

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