Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Their Here!!!!!!!!!!

I walked into the bedroom this afternoon and looked over at the window. The infamous one that now during the day we have to leave the blind fully open so the girls can sit there and watch Mama Robin.

Well, Mama Robin wasn't sitting on her nest this afternoon so I went over there and sure enough, two little baby robins were laying in there. To me, they actually look like aliens with beaks. I called for the girls to come up and we sat there and watched the baby birds ooing and ahing over how little they were. L. even found out that if you tap on the window, the birdies pop up their heads and open up their beaks expecting Mama Robin to pop in a worm.

Two little robins have hatched


Mama Robin checking on her babes


Renna said...

What fun! You are so fortunate to have a nest in such a close up viewable location. I adore watching the whole process from nest building to brooding to hatching to feeding to flying away. It's an awesome piece of God's handiwork to observe.

Angie said...

It is alot of fun renna. I'm not sure though who enjoys it more, the girls or myself. Today the Daddy robin would fly up and feed them worms then the Mama robin would feed them worms. It is just so neat to sit there and watch all of this happening right before our eyes.

Penny said...

All I can say is awwwww, what a great vantage point you have!