Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas for my Mom

So, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what in the world to make for my Mom. Not an easy task I tell ya. My Mom is sorda on the picky side and doesn't really make it easy for gift giving.

Today, L. and I were up in my craft room and I was deciding what I could possibly make her. Then it hit me. Originally it was suppose to be a tote bag with my girls hands on it because my Mom always has work that she takes home with her so I thought a nice stylish bag would be perfect. But after I thought about it more and more, my Mom has tons of tote bags from all those Clinque products she buys. (So much so that she even tries to pass them on to me from time to time with the excuse "Well, just see how it's made so you can make one" *insert the "huh!" sound here.*)

I don't know but apparently I'm on this whole "door knob hangy thingy" kick so I decided that that is what I would make her. Two in fact, one for each girl. I got L.'s all completed (which she loved the fact that she got to help me and was even my official "thread cutter") and was ready for when K. got home from school so that I could get started with hers.

Christmas for my Mom

I traced around both girls hands then appliqued them on. Then I had both girls write their names and I transferred it to the fabric. Embroidered over their names added some flowers and hand drawn hearts by both K. and L. It's backed with the same fabric as the base fabric for the front. Then I made some more drawstring gift bags (they just need ribbon strung threw them but I'm to tired right now to do that) so the girls can give it to my Mom on Sunday when we see her.

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