Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chrismas Door Knob Hanger

As I had mentioned yesterday, I was making presents for 2 of K.'s teachers. I have the first one finished and am almost finished with the second one.

It's a little door knob hanger thingy ma-bob whatever you want to call it. I like it! Using materials from my stash such as scrap fabric, felt, buttons, and embroidery floss. Super fun and super quick to make. I might just have to make one more for myself. Which it does give me an idea for a future project.

K. will be giving this one to her music teacher (who is also a good friend of mine) on Thursday and then the other one will go to her teacher on Friday for the class Christmas party.

Christmas Door Knob Hanger

Christmas Door Knob Hanger

Then for the back of it, I had K. write then I embroidered over it (which that also gives me another idea for a future project).

Had a little of K.'s help

I think it gives it a little extra personal touch.

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