Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just the beginning

Laced Edge Woman's Hat for K.

This is just the beginning of what is yet to come for me. I've decided that the girls and I needed hand knitted hats this winter. Luckily I already got James' hat done quite some time ago so I can just focus on the girls' and I.

After much (much) searching for the perfect hat for each of us, I had made up my mind and went with the Laced-Edge Woman's Hat by Not just for me but as well as for K. and L. For some reason I just think that it would be cute if we all had the same hat (different colors of course), and I figure that they are young enough that I can get away with it without them thinking it was dumb or embarrassing. So, now that L.'s scarf is complete I needed to start on K.'s hat and got the lace part all complete. Super easy and was a lot of fun to do. Also, (IMO) if you want to start in lace but don't want to invest time and effort into a full on shawl, this would be the perfect starter project for you because you only work the lace pattern for 13 rows and then knit in stockinette stitch for the rest of the hat.

Being that K.'s favorite color is pink, I ordered some Shine Worsted in Blush from It is an absolutely beautiful color and works up so lovely.

Laced Edge Woman's Hat for K.

I'm thinking about going ahead and casting on for L.'s and I hat and working until the lace is complete especially since I'm using different size circulars for each hat. That way the "worst part" is behind me and I can just knit knit knit.

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