Tuesday, November 6, 2007

L.'s scarf is done!

Finally I was able to complete her scarf this evening. I feel so good right now that I was able to get it done. I swear, it feels like it took me forever to complete it. The pattern is from Straw.com and is the Shimmer Chevron Striped Scarf. I used size 8 needles (to give it more drape) and Caron's Simply Soft (don't know the colorway) and some Bernat Baby Coordinates. L. is super excited that it is finally complete and while I didn't get any pictures of her wearing it (by time I completed it, weaved in my ends she was asleep) I did get pictures of the completed scarf and will take some of her tomorrow wearing it. Trust me, it will be that cold out for her to wear it.

If this pattern didn't take me so long to complete, I would make myself one. I told James this evening that if I ever decide to knit another scarf just slap me upside my head. Quick with a crochet hook but super sloooooow with them needles. And to think I was crazy enough to believe that I actually wanted to knit up this ripple afghan. sheesh! Oh how I would love to though.

Ok, so onto the pictures of the newly completed scarf!

I layed it all out over the top of my couch to give a better view of the whole thing.

L. scarf done
Then all wrapped up pretty.
L. scarf done
It feels so good to have this scarf complete. Now I'm going to make K. a scarf but I'm going to crochet it instead because I also have to make the girls hats and (per the request of them, ok, so I edged them on just a smidge) they want me to make them afghans. So much to do and so little time.

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