Friday, October 19, 2007


It has been a looooooong week. One of those weeks where you just stop and say "Is it over yet?" We are slowly getting back to normal life and hopefully after this weekend is over we will be back to normal life. I'm still getting use to my new surroundings. New town, new home, new morning routines, new everything. It's nice though and I feel more relaxed here. Today was a good day in the sense that everything that is here is unpacked and put in it's place.

I got to just sit back and relax today with L. while K. was at school. It's nice that L. and I have our day time together again. Relaxing and having fun the way our life has been before this move thing came along.

Today there was a chill in the air

I love living here in Ohio because it means that we are surround by beautiful colors of the Fall season. (Fall is my only favorite season.) The oranges, reds, and yellows are so warming to me and I can sit out on my porch swing with my coffee and soak it all in.
Today though, L. and I switched roles. She was the photographer and I was the one in front of the camera. It's cute when she takes a picture because she'll say "Click" as she is taking this picture. She got a few of me and I'll spare you the ones with her finger going straight across the picture.
Today L. was the photographer
Today L. was the photographer
But then we switched roles again and I was the one behind the camera and she was in front. Looking beautiful like always. I love this photo of her. Her smile makes my whole day.
Today I wasn't a Mother, I was a play buddy
Not only is life getting back to normal around here, but, I also got my new furniture today. Gorgeous in my living room. Although I'm not to fond of the set up, it'll do for now because I'm tired of moving things. Also, I'm not to fond of the pillows that came with the couch. For some reason I can always pick out a nice couch but they always come with the most tackiest pillows. It's ok though, just another sewing project added to my list. (P.S. The living room is not really that small with the furniture in it. They placed the recliner about 4 feet away from the wall for some reason.)
Today I got my furniture
And while L. and I waited for our new furniture (and waited and waited) I got some knitting in. I started last night and only got the ribbing done but today I made some good progress. The pattern is my own that I am just sorda winging it and once I work out all the kinks I'll put it up here. (If all goes well that is.)
Today I knitted
Today was a good day. A day of relaxing with warm colors surrounding us. A beautiful little playmate, some new things, and some good knitting. A very good day indeed!

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