Monday, October 22, 2007

Crochet Pouch

Today I was working on some crochet while L. colored and played with her puzzles. I made this little red pouch and was going to put different lining in until I remembered that I had a cute little ladybug button that Sabrina gave me and adorable little ladybug fabric to match.

Ladybug Pouch
The adorable little ladybug button close up
Ladybug Pouch
And then a little shot of the lining which I hand stitched in with red embroidery floss.
Ladybug Pouch


sukigirl said...

I just came across your blog today... You've made some wonderful projects for your family.I love how you use thrifted materials and I've gotten lots of inspiration! Thanks again!

Angie said...

Aw! Thank you so much sukigirl! I really do love using thrifted materials because not only are they super cheap, but they also are so pretty and alot of them remind me of my Grandmother. Thank you so much for stopping by and I really do hope to hear more from you.