Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ode to the thrift store

Thrift store oh thrift store, how I love thee. Your cheap and full of treasures just waiting for me.

I can't help it. I am in LOVE with thrift store shopping. James and I kinda made a deal that for one year anytime we wanted to go shopping for ourselves or the girls (clothes, shoes, toys, anything but underwear) that we would only do it via thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, etc. Well, today the girls and I went to the thrift store (and I am cursing at my camera because it wasn't charged) and we had an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! We found this hat that was very similar to a hat that Jennifer Lopez wore. We were putting it on and cracking up because it was really flimsy and would cover (even mine) our entire faces. Then I found a dress that looks like something Mrs. Roper would wear on Threes Company and I also found an outfit that I think belonged to Mrs. Brady and K. thought I was crazy for mentioning Mrs. Roper and Mrs. Brady. Sorda like when I was little and my Mom would talk about The Beatles or Hermits Hermits.

Onto my goodies. My girls and I love to wear dresses and skirts in the summer and I love that my girls love to wear them (especially L. who is doing SO good going potty). So I found 5 dresses for them. I wasn't really able to find any for me, although I did find one that would have been SUPER CUTE (and a little sexy) for when James and I go out and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't get it.

Todays colors for 50% off was yellow, green, pink, and white so the prices on the dresses aren't what I paid. They range in price (before 50% discount) from $1.99 - $3.99. One of them actually looks handmade and it looks so cute on L. I'm thinking of trying to make a pattern from it so I can make more for her.

Then I wanted some nice cool summer blouses for myself because the humidity here is sometimes unbareable. So I picked these 2 up.

The one on the left is really comfy and has tiny little flowers all over it, then the one on the right is really nice and the drape is really good. It's actually flattering on my body!!!!! I'm thinking that in the winter time I could wear it with a black or white cotton snug fit shirt (like the ones that Hane's makes) under it with a cute belt around it. After I brought it home and tried it on it sorda looks like a Grandma blouse but I can really make it fit for my style.

Then need I say more. Who could resist a Blondie t-shirt for $0.49?

After we got some clothes we walked over to where they keep their bedding and sometimes even fabric. I got these pillowcases for $1.50 for all. The one on the left I have 2 of and they now sit proudly on my bed. The middle one with the daisy on it is going to be made into a pillow case dress for L., and the pink one I got for K. because 1. she loves the color pink and 2. she is trying to collect all things pink. (Which I actually think is a cute idea of hers. She already has quite a collection of pink things from a Barbie's shoe to now a pillowcase)

I'm going to try and find a rusty color bed spread and change the whole look of my bedroom which I've been wanting to do for a while now. It seems that no matter where I have lived the bedroom is the one that ALWAYS gets neglected for decorating. I mean I completely decorate my girls rooms and am actually getting ready to paint K.'s room towards the middle to end of the summer. But my room, NOTHING!

Then after the pillow cases (and trying to keep L. from touching the underwear, for some reason she is fascinated with under garments. Maybe it's because I breastfed her and she would see my bra or maybe it's because under garments is not something that people go around flaunting. I don't know but it is just strange that she is fascinated with under garments) I was able to find some fabric. I got this fabric here for $0.49 (gosh I love 50% off day) and there is roughly about a yard left of it. It's either going to get made into a dress for L. (not enough fabric for K. and plus it's not pink) or a purse. Not sure on that one yet.

Just when you think this post is over, it still goes on. Here is a pic of my girls in their dresses that we got.

K.'s dress is so cute on her and L.'s dress has hot air balloons all over it. We have a festival here in the beginning of August called the "Hot-Air Balloon Festival" to kick off the ProFootball Hall of Fame week and I'm going to have L. wear this dress to it. The only down fall of this dress is the white front piece (my mind is slipping of what it is called) that L. thinks it's a "built in napkin". She kept wiping her face with it no matter how many times I said to her "Honey, that's not a tissue, it's your dress."


Melissa said...

lol to the napkin bib! What a fantastic dress to wear to the festival!
I found you via Flickr and hope you don't mind me dropping in. Thrifting is awesome. You've got some great stuff. I also commented on your crayon cookies post, and I must pick up some Nilla wafers. Your blog is great!

Angie said...

Well thank you! Nope I don't mind at all you dropping in (I take it you are bombshellstudios?)

Melissa said...

that's me!