Monday, May 7, 2007

Early Mother's Day

came to me this year. This past weekend was a local artist/friend of mine's Glassblowing show.
KC is a very talented artist with breath taking vases, bowls, glasses, and glass sculptures. Even though we've been going to his shows (held twice a year May and November) and hang out quite often, I am still in awe every time I see him work. To me it is like an artform in itself from gathering the glass on the end of the rod, to shaping and tweakin' every last detail. OK, so onto my point. Well, my boyfriend is a friend/apprentice in the glass shop and being that I am the girlfriend/mother of his children of said boyfriend I always get great stuff. Such as:

My new drinking glasses:

Another shot/view of my new drinking glasses:

I have been wanting new drinking glasses for quite sometime now because the ones that we have/had are all etched from our dishwasher and plus we've had them for sometime. I am in absolute love with them and so far I haven't really let anyone drink out of them because I am still in love looking at them. Plus when you add something as simple as ice water, it makes your drink look so pretty.

Which now brings me to my next point. I got to try my hand at glassblowing. WHICH IS UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gathered the glass on the end of the rod and that was the hot part. Then I rolled it on the marver (I think that's what it is called) and got to shape it. Trust me, I messed up BIG TIME because I got the glass to far up on the rod somehow. It was really hard to see inside the furnace where the melted glass level was. But, I am going to take a paperweight class on May 26th, so I am SUPER excited for that to happen. I'll have to post pics of my end result. Which reminds me that I should take/post pics of the few things we have that my boyfriend has made for us. One of which was help from KC but I am still in absolute love with my vase. Let me put it to ya this way so you get a better understanding of how much I love my vase. If our house was to ever catch fire, I would grab the girls first and set them outside then I would go back into the house and grab my vase. Yes, it sounds silly to run back into a burning house for a stupid vase but this vase is my FAVE piece I own. Plus it took my man a really hard time to make it and they almost lost it a few times in the process. Also, they were shocked when it came out of the kiln that it was still all in tack because of the problems they had making it.

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