Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I dyed!

So I finally joined the bandwagon and got myself some Kool-Aid hand dyed yarn using the tutorial from Stitch n Bitch Nation. After wrapping the skein around the legs of my daughters chairs a couple of different ways I finally got it. I was trying for a variagated skein where the colors are all separate but *clears throat* I forgot the one teeny tiny little detail that THE DYE RUNS. So I just randomly (using my turkey baster) put the color on in the different sections I had tied off.

I used Patons Merino Classic Wool in Natural Marl 3 1/2 oz skein.

It was yarn that I got from my local Goodwill and there were 2 skeins in the package along with a hoopla of other yarn (not to brag but FOR $11.00).

Here is my skein of wool before I hand dyed it:

and here is my skein of yarn after I hand dyed it:

I used Kool-Aid brand Tropical Punch, Grape, and Orange. I used 2 packages for each color and while I am extremely happy with the Tropical Punch and Orange, I am not to fond of the Grape. I think next time I use Grape I am only going to use 1 package of it so that the color is not so concentrated.

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